Move over Margate – the retired are going to Norway

Move over Margate – the retired are going to Norway

Two in five (40%) retirees have a ‘Bucket List’ of things they would like to achieve in retirement, according to a new survey by Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

While DIY and home improvements feature high on people’s ‘Bucket Lists’ – it would appear today’s retirees are all about travel. In fact, three quarters (73%) of retirees with a bucket list view these years as an opportunity to fulfil their travel dreams, either by heading off on a luxury holiday, taking a road trip or jetting off on an around the world adventure.

And far from having simple aspirations, the survey’s findings suggest a new-breed of adventurous pensioners is emerging as retirees look well beyond the UK, choosing instead the Northern Lights, backpacking across Europe and a helicopter ride over Las Vegas as the top things to see and do when they retire.

Top 10 Bucket List destinations for retirement

View the Aurora Borealis in Norway                                                                 29%

Go on a cruise in the Caribbean                                                                      25%

Inter rail across Europe                                                                                  23%

Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas strip                20%

Ride a gondola in Venice                                                                                18%

Walk the Great Wall of China                                                                          18%

Go on a road trip down Route 66 in the US                                                       18%

See the Taj Mahal, India                                                                                  17%

Go on an African safari                                                                                    17%

Visit the pyramids in Egypt                                                                              15%

Maike Currie, at Fidelity Worldwide Investment, comments: “People no longer see hitting age 65, traditionally the so-called ‘retirement age’, in the same light as they did in the past. Many people over 65 are healthy, active and independent.

“As the survey’s findings show, rather than slowing down and taking it easy, today’s retirees plan to live life to the full. They are keen to travel the world and make the most of their golden years. In many ways ‘65 is the new 50’.”

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