Easy access bathrooms for safer bathing

Easy access bathrooms for safer bathing

As we age the chances of developing arthritis, having a stroke or having a fall increases and even if we remain fit and healthy inevitably we eventually start to lose muscle strength, particularly in our upper arms and legs which can restrict our mobility.

It will be all too obvious when we, or a partner or a parent, have difficulty getting up from a chair or going up the stairs.

But what about in the bathroom? With reduced mobility a simple action like taking a bath can become a real task. Getting into and especially out of a bath, trying to lift one leg over the rim while balancing on the other leg, can be difficult and dangerous.

So much so that many older people start to reduce the number of times they use their bath or start flannel washing from their sink instead.

The fact is most of us don’t even think about it, yet the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.

As well as the bath there are lots of hard surfaces, including the floor, and it doesn’t take much to imagine what could happen if one were to slip or fall.

Thankfully the solution is simple.

Change the bathroom, either by having a walk in bath or replacing the bath with an easy access shower, making sure the floor is slip resistant and where necessary placing grab rails in convenient places. These adapted bathrooms are also clean, modern and stylish and create a safer environment giving confidence and independence to the bather.

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