Maintain independence and stay in your own home

Maintain independence and stay in your own home

Most ‘older adults’ prefer not to think about the prospect of living in a care home. The thought of leaving the comfort and familiarity of our own home and the high cost of a care home are concerning. Market research suggests the weekly cost of a care home is between £500 and £700 per week. That’s a minimum of £26,000 per year. If you also need a part or full-time carer, this figure rises to well over £40,000. These costs increase every year, well above the rate of inflation.

With that in mind, investments in home improvements make a lot of economic sense as well as enabling you to maintain independence and stay in your own home longer. Three main activities need to be considered: getting up and down from a chair, getting up and and down stairs (if you have them) and using the bathroom safely.

Struggling with chairs and stairs can make you feel self-conscious, especially in company, so they are often the first areas to be addressed. The bathroom is a more private place and is often left until things get more difficult or even dangerous. Yet being able to bathe in comfort and safety can be the most beneficial of all – maintaining good personal hygiene improves our confidence, sense of dignity and well-being.

A shower or walk-in bath is a personal preference but it helps to talk to a specialist company. The UK’s largest and most established specialist is Bathing Solutions, providing a one-stop service which assesses your needs, preferences and size of bathroom to create your ideal solution. They take care of the design, products installation and aftercare, backed by a product lifetime warranty and endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders.

It’s as they say it: ‘ Bathing Solutions is who we are and what we do’.

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