Migrants, borders and us

As one of the current hot topics I find it disturbing that nowhere on all the media that I have seen and heard has there been any mention of the real problem.

We have been shown many migrants. We have seen many reports from Calais. We have also seen many people who support those migrants in their hopes of a better life; and those who want them to be allowed to come here; and the apologists; and the handringers et al.

Yet nowhere has the most important question been raised. How many migrants should we be prepared to allow into the UK?

This is the crux of the whole sorry matter.

There has been an increase of some 500,000 to our population over the last few years. There are roughly 1 million migrants milling around the EU; this figure varies daily as the influx across the Mediterranean changes and some migrants are allowed to settle down.

They are still flooding across the Med while our media ignores the numbers until the next disaster brings it back to the headlines. In addition to those already in the EU it is estimated that about 10 million Africans would up sticks and head here if they saw and could afford the opportunity.

All this is a reflection of the appalling conditions so many Africans live under. And this is without taking into account those from the Middle East.

So my question is very simple: how many can we afford to allow into the UK? Bear in mind that although these migrants are willing to work their numbers do not include the doctors, nurses, enginers and others that will be needed to meet the demands of further increases in our population.

There is also a more important question to be answered. How many of those migrants are already or will become once here, jihadists? Of course, we do not know. What is undeniable is
that every migrant whose religion is Islam is a possible risk.

We have a problem that many people do not fully realise. Our borders are under constant attack. The police admit that some migrants are succeeding in getting through the Tunnel. Once here the chances of them being sent back – by whatever means – is very, very slim.

The UK is under attack as never before yet our politicians are ineffective. David Cameron makes speeches; Teresa May walks purposefully somewhere; a few others make noises.

Nobody knows what to do and apart from spending money, millions of it, on “defences” in Calais, our country and all of us are facing changes that we neither need nor want.

Where will it end?

by Peter Bray