Is your medical condition preventing you going on holiday?

Is your medical condition preventing you going on holiday?

You have chosen your destination and your method of transport, even you travel companions, so now is the time to think very carefully about your travel insurance. Wherever you are planning to go, home or abroad, it is vital to consider what cover you are going to need for any eventuality.

As we get older and our bodies become more susceptible to ailments it is worth exploring all the options as, especially if we are leaving the UK, medical care is usually very expensive.  So getting the right cover and including any existing medical conditions is very important.  You may well be offered insurance when you book your holiday, but unless you look very carefully and ask all the right questions you may find that what you have been sold is worthless.

Wherever you are going and for however long you will need to make sure you have the following cover for:

1.    Personal Liability

2.    Emergency

3.    Cancellation and curtailment

4.    Delay

5.    Medical

6.    Pre-existing medical conditions

7.    Baggage and belongings

8.    Cash

9.    Strikes

10.  Catastrophe

Do make sure you cover all these eventualities, as you never know what is going to happen.  It is worth researching insurance cover for all members of your group if you are going with other people or family.  There are good deals to be had among specialist policies for the over 50s, which can also include and insure younger family members.

Taking out travel insurance is an absolutely essential part of your holiday planning and often it seems that we are more concerned with which shoes to pack than what cover we have in case our luggage goes missing!

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