Mature relationships, love and sex

Mature relationships, love and sex

There has been a great deal of coverage in the media recently about older people finding romance in later life and with the relationship of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall hitting the headlines, it is a good time to celebrate the fact that you can enjoy love whatever age you are.

In the words of the song from The Boyfriend:

“It’s never too late to have a fling
For Autumn is just as nice as Spring
And it’s never too late to fall in love.”

The Office of National Statistics said there has been a sharp increase in the over-60s tying the knot again, with the number of second-time brides and grooms increasing by 21% and 35% respectively between 2011 and 2012.

The publication of Erica Jong’s new book “Fear of Dying” takes up the theme of love and sex and the latest book from the gran-lit author, Hilary Boyd once again centres on a romance between mature lovers. Following on from her bestselling Thursdays in the Park, and A Most Desirable Marriage, Meet me on the Beach does not hold back from dealing with the bare facts.

Deborah Moggach has written many books on the subject and the films of her Best Exotic Marigold Hotel have highlighted the continuing desire for passion whatever age you are.

So from being a subject that few understood, the focus on older relationships has now become a hot topic.  Just because we get older the need for love does not diminish and while we have our families and often the pleasure of grandchildren, there is no substitute to having someone special to share your pleasures with.

The Mature Times published its own guide last year in conjunction with Relate and has been of great help to coping with the problems of starting new relationships as well as improving existing ones.

Hilary Boyd read the Guide and comments:

“I think the book is great. Such a common sense, helpful guide to any marriage, not just older ones. And so true, that we have to try and know ourselves and understand how and why we are reacting – often negatively – to our spouse!

“I liked the tick list at the beginning too, because I think so many of us lump ‘love’ into the usual box of being married and living happily ever after, but maybe for an older person this isn’t necessary any more, a version of it can be just as rewarding.

“It has a very good tone of optimism that things can be changed for the better often by only changing a few things. I liked it a lot, and would definitely recommend it to various friends to read.”

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