What makes us happy?

What makes us happy?

A  quick glance at the International Happiness Map ( MT May 2014)  certainly reveals one interesting point –  happiness and our financial situation are the two axes of  our life and the readings, when interpolated point out an altogether different picture.

In reality, satisfaction does not lie in the  mere possession of  riches  and  with  the age  advancing in our life, we get convinced of this observation.

I am aged 70+ years and my analysis of life  virtually travels in a different direction.

Fortunately,  I am  not  penniless  nor  wealthy, but am  blessed  with adequate resources to keep my life going smoothly.

Personally feel that  health is vital in making our  life-pilgrimage a smooth one and  for  achieving this and  for keeping a balance we  must aim at other factors – such as regular physical exercise, meditation, listening  to soft and soothing music  and  trying  our hand  at  Arts  and  Literature. 

Venkata  SRV.