The joy of the letter

The joy of the letter

Your January 20th Newsletter mentions the delights of sending and receiving “real” letters, written with ink on paper and posted in an envelope and the human contact involved. It sounds lovely but… to send a paper letter by snail mail I have to:

1. Write (or type) the letter – I’m getting old and my handwriting is almost illegible – I don’t want to inflict this on the person I’m writing to.

2. Find an envelope, address and stamp it, and take it to a post box. (No problem if you live in a town but our nearest post-box is half a mile away on an unlit country lane.)

3. It will be at least one day probably more before my letter reaches the recipient.

Whereas using email I can:

1. Write from the comfort of my desk and edit what I have written as I go along.

2. Send my email at a time convenient to me.

I notice that Mature Times suggest readers respond by email!

Mary Hodges, Preston