Information superbirthday

Andrew Young. SWNS News Editor. 14 Feb 2014

Would you believe the internet is 25-years-old this month? It only seems like yesterday that I was plugging the wire into the back of my computer for the first time, and hearing that all too familiar screech as it connected.

Now I don’t even need to be on computer to access it, I can do it all from the palm of my hand. We should be very proud of our British invention, it’s revolutionised a lot.

Not only does it help us bring up information quicker but it has also helped re-connect people who live abroad, those we used to work with or even those we knew from our childhood.

Many older people are daunted by the technological advances we’ve developed in the last quarter of a century, but I promise you, once you understand the basics the world really is your oyster.

I’m sure many of us have children and grandchildren more than willing to help teach us, and if we don’t, then there are courses out there with friendly instructors just begging to start you on your way.

Beating the bullies

I was delighted to hear that a pensioner who was horrifically beaten by a burglar for the sake of £100 has made a remarkable recovery and is well on the road to ‘normality’ once more.

Jean Taylor, 76, was left covered in blood when a hooded thug repeatedly smashed her over the head with a pottery doorstep.

The brute threw rubbish at the former teacher and ransacked her home before fleeing with the cash, leaving her badly wounded and in agony on the floor.

Heart-wrenching pictures of her injuries were published by local police which saw her community leap into action and raise an incredible £2000 to help her.

The phenomenal effort has helped me, and I’m sure her, restore faith in humanity and shows that it is just a few who ruin it for the majority.

Mum’s the word

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches the shops are beginning to fill up with those perfect bunches of flowers, hanging baskets, tempting boxes of chocolates and little presents all fit to make any mum, or grandmother’s, heart burst.

I know my children love to spoil their mum on this day, and my wife deserves every bit of it. But on a day like this it is also worth remembering those who don’t have family close-by to visit, or those who have maybe lost touch with their family, or they live abroad.

Why don’t you pop round to visit? A cup of tea, a piece of cake and a friendly chat can go a long way.

Right prescription

Academics have medically proven what we all know is true, that seeing your own doctor is actually better for your health than flitting between different GPs.

The research found patients are more likely to raise extra ailments with a doctor they have built up a relationship with, and also feel more comfortable explaining the problem in depth.

I know I for one can confirm this straight away. I’ve had the same doctor for 10 years and would feel much better talking to him about my problems than someone I had just met.

The boffins at the University of Bristol collected data from 22 practices in the city and recorded consultations between 190 patients and 30 GPs.

They found that people who described their relationship with their GPs as “deep” divulged one extra health problem every two visits, compared to those who did not feel close to their doctor.

Patients also offered more symptoms for the extra problem so doctors had a clearer picture and could prescribe better treatment.

by Andrew Young, Mature Times editor