How to avoid buying bottled water – Space Age filter bottle review

How to avoid buying bottled water – Space Age filter bottle review

How many times have you been on holiday, and spent the entire time buying bottled water?

Bottles of mineral water costing £3.50 in some places and an average high street price of £1.00, it’s not surprising that an alternative has been found.

Water to Go bottles turn tap water from the washroom, stream or rainwater into drinking water, thus eliminating the high cost of bottled mineral water and the risk of dehydration during exercise or out enjoying yourself away from drinking water. It is ideal for people on the move and those visiting countries where water quality is suspect.

The large and sturdy bottle has a rubber covered neck so is easy to grip. It is large enough to hold a substantial amount of drinking water, but can still fit into a rucksack to carry.

water to goThe filtration system is fascinating – using the concept of carbon filtration, Water to Go claims to remove over 99% of germs from any water. It does need replacing every so often, and reactivating occasionally especially before you use it for the first time and if the bottle isn’t used regularly – by simply filling with water and leaving upside down for 5 minutes and you’re ready to go again! Simple!

At £24.99 the bottle isn’t cheap – however, being reusable, dishwasher safe, and reducing the possibility of becoming ill from consuming dirty water, it can be worth every penny.

The filters are only £14.95, which will last up to three months, and if you register yourself with the Water to Go website, you can get a further 10% off any further purchases!

by Theresa Fisher