How about a quick getaway?

How about a quick getaway?

With January pressing hard on our bank balance and our wellbeing, and Spring just that little bit too far away despite the early flowering of daffodils, this is a good time to get away.

There are so many cheap deals in Hotels around the UK and the offer of a warm room with a different view from your window could save your sanity.  Hotels have plenty to offer and you may be lucky and get a sunny day when you are just yards away from a beach or wooded walks.

It is certainly worth picking a location preferably not too far from you as travelling may be difficult in January and checking on line on a site such as, or  to compare hotel prices and find the best deals. There are so many sites you can use search for a one or two-night break.

I have found some really good deals, some with an up to 95% reduction on room rates.  Seaside resorts can be excellent value as January and February are very quiet for them I have even been offered an upgrade on arrival at the hotel as they are so empty.  A seafront hotel in Bournemouth recently gave us a luxury room from which to explore the town at a very much reduced rate.

You can have the comforts of home, a warm room, comfy bed, television, tea and coffee making and endless hot water without having to worry about the fuel bills or housework.  You also have the advantage of new places to explore, new shops to scour and new people to meet.  For a treat try taking afternoon tea with the refinements provided by a four-star hotel.

Our hotel had a gym, spa and indoor pool as well as a choice of restaurants and lounges.

One of the other advantages of having time to sit about in a hotel lounge is that you can easily strike up a conversation with other residents.  You can have the pleasure of sharing the company of new acquaintances who you can choose to keep in touch with or not.  And there will be no outside pressure on you to collect grandchildren or rush to the supermarket.  Just time to yourself and anyone else you may be with.

So if you find the prospect of being shut in at home with only the chores to look forward to, check out some of the amazing offers in luxury hotels that may normally be out of your price range.

Then pack your overnight bag and JUST GO!