Charter a jet to avoid airport ills

Charter a jet to avoid airport ills

Airports are deeply unpleasant, soulless places and one cancellation can cause all kinds of problems. If you’re unlucky enough to have your flight delayed or cancelled, your holidays and overseas visits can be ruined very quickly. Avoiding issues such as these and guaranteeing your plane will take off is just one of the many advantages of chartering your own private plane.

How bad are flight cancellations?

According to at the time of writing 869 flights had been cancelled within the last week. Seven thousand four hundred and forty-seven flights have been delayed. If you have had the misfortune of spending longer than a few hours at an airport you will know how depressing this can be.

There is only so much coffee you can drink and snacks you can consume. Queuing to find out what happened is no fun, especially if you have hundreds of people in the same position ahead of you.
There is a way where control of your flight comes back at least in part to you: Charter your own jet.

Chartering a jet

Although chartering a jet is expensive, increasingly more and more people are using private air travel. Those that can afford it are using companies such as to charter a private plane easily and quickly. If your lifestyle supports it, this is by far the best option.

Benefits of chartering a plane

As well as avoiding airport issues and guaranteeing your flight will take off on time, consider the following benefits?

  • Create your own flight plan – This is perfect if you want to make multiple stops or want to avoid a few stops that commercial flights offer. Although travelling on a private plane is a world apart from conventional airline travel, you don’t want to spend all your time on the plane.
  • Fly to your schedule – With a private jet, you decide when the plane takes off. You do not have to fly to times set by the airline. This is a great feature as you do not have to fly at 5 am, and you’ll have a more comfortable flight as a result.
  • Fly from a local airport – With a chartered plane, you can often fly from smaller airports. This means you avoid the traffic congestion of approaching a major airport, and as you might expect, getting through customs and baggage checks etc. is much easier and faster.
  • More choice of destinations – Not only can you fly more locally to where you live, but you may well find you can land closer to your overall destination. This convenience should not be underestimated as it means less travelling time overall, and more time enjoying the purposes of your visit.
  • Range of travel options – When you fly, you can customise your choices to suit you. If you want to sip champagne or enjoy an excellent meal, you can. If you’d rather simply sit back in a spacious chair that is fine too.

Hiring a private plane brings many benefits, and you avoid the airport risk. If you have the option, hire a plane and look forward to your next holiday or trip.