Hanging BRA-skets

Hanging BRA-skets

Fun-loving Women’s Institute members have come up with a way to recycle unwanted underwear by making hanging baskets – out of BRAS.

Each blossoming display has been created by sewing the straps at the back of the bra to the underside of the cups and adding in a plastic bag as a liner.

The WI have been on the hunt for unwanted lingerie to create the bra-skets, which can also be used to grow strawberries or tomatoes.

The idea was part of a new sustainable gardening competition and members of Mepal WI in Cambridgeshire displayed theirs at a garden party this week.

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes joined forces with garden supplies company Sutton Seeds for the competition.

The NFWI said: “To continue our recycling, re-using and re-purposing into our second centennial, we have developed a new, sustainable garden project with the support, get it?, of Sutton Seeds.

“Due to their shape, bras are ideal as hanging ‘bra-skets’ – they can be used singly, in pairs or as bunting.

“WIs are invited to use their imagination and have some fun at re-using bras as hanging basket containers.

“Sew the cups or under bra seams together and fill as normal. Fill with compost then plant flowers, herbs, salad leaves, strawberries and even tumbling tomatoes.”

The winner of the competition was Jo Hamilton and her creation will now be forwarded to the national competition which closes August 31.