Grief: How to deal with a loss of somebody close to you

Grief: How to deal with a loss of somebody close to you

There comes a point in everybody’s lives where we lose someone close and dear to us. This is something unavoidable and occurs naturally. Of course, this can be very hard and traumatizing and usually takes a lot of time for the grieving period to pass. Because of the fact that everybody is different and reacts differently to things like these, it is perfectly understandable to have a contrasting approach to it. Most people find it quite difficult to go back to their regular and daily routines when experiencing something as hard as this. That is why we prepared a couple of ideas that may help you with overcoming your loss.


Even though this is probably the hardest thing of all, in order to get back to your normal state, it is really important to follow through the five stages of grief. It is a natural process that we all must go through. The last stage of the complete process is the wholesome course of accepting the fact that your loved one is gone. It is perfectly normal to feel all kinds of different emotions and to try and deny that something like that ever happened. But in order to stay healthy and get back on track it is crucial to accept the state as it is.

Support Group

Some people find joining a support group very helpful when it comes to overcoming the death of somebody really close to them like a parent or a close friend. There exists a special connection between the people who join these types of groups, as there is something in the fact that you share the same emotions and troubles. Sometimes it is much easier to find consolation with somebody who exactly understands what you are going through. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with strangers, it is perfectly recommendable to create a support group that will consist of your close friends and family members.

Talk To a Psychologist

Although it is much easier to shut yourself out and refuse to talk about your feelings, it is really important to learn how to express your emotions in a healthy way. Some people would rather not talk about their grief, others perhaps do not want to bother people with their problems. This can have huge negative effects on both your emotional and mental health. That is why it is recommendable to talk with a therapist or someone who is a trained professional. They know the proper ways to deal with certain emotions such as fear, guilt, anxiety and similar things that are closely related to the loss of somebody close to you.

Fulfill Their Wishes

Comfort might come in all kinds of different ways. One of the things that is known to help people with their grief is celebrating the lives of the people they have lost. Make sure to do something memorable and try to fulfill the wishes they had. It is important to respect the wishes they had when they were still alive. For instance, some people decide on getting cremation services when they are gone. If that is the case, it is a good idea to respect their decisions. Some people find comfort in doing things that would make their loved ones proud. Make sure to always remember the good things, as that way they will be able to live forever in your memories.

Losing someone really close to you is never easy. It is important to understand that these emotions that you are feeling are completely normal. Overcoming something as traumatic as this is a long and hard process, but with the right guidance, it should be much easier to get back in place.

By Lana Hawkins