Is getting online worth it?

Is getting online worth it?

Since I normally obtain my Mature Times from the library it is only today that I picked up the September edition where the front page speaks about the internet and say how few of over 64s are online.

In other words, pensioners, many of whom are on a very limited income and cannot afford the cost of the basic equipment and connections.

Those about 64 and a little over have already purchased their laptop or tablet, but it seems that even that has to be updated frequently at extra cost.

Security in this system seems poor since even the White House has been hacked.

When I visit my son he spends ages on his computer (I do not know why) and so do my grandchildren and so it is a very unsociable tool.

I am aware that much information is available but is it worth it?

Arthur Shellard, Swindon

Where’s my computer?

I agree that the government should be helping finance internet access for older people. Years ago, I remember Mr. Blair promising every household would have a computer I am still waiting for mine! More and more organisations are telling us to find and do things online, but if one has no computer, where does one go?

My local libraries have computers but for some months they were very erratic and there is always a wait, particularly during school holidays. My borough (Royal Borough of Greenwich) seems to give priority to children but, as I have pointed out often, it is not them who pay the council tax!

D.Crafer by email

Are you well connected?

I believe that Christine Parkinson did not fully research her subject. As a recent retiree community staff nurse I am aware that many people lifestyle and income do not allow access to technology. On pensions and on benefit they simply cannot afford broadband,and if they are housebound, as many are, they cannot take a slot in the library to use the internet.

Many of my friends at the centre rely on help from others but cannot even afford a tablet. Physical and cognitive difficulties cannot be a barrier as the technology advanced:so it is really about income, food and heating before technology.

Odile Goymour, by e mail

Online at the library

I agree with Odile Goymour that many elderly people cannot afford broadband, and lack the skills or confidence to use the internet. I volunteer as a computer buddy at our local library where anybody can use the computers free of charge and I or another volunteer, is there to give help and support. I have had people well into their 80s come along and use the equipment for all sorts of things.

I am sure that many local libraries have this service. If you can get there – we can help!

B Whitlock by email

Do you think the government should be helping finance internet access for older people as they do with the television licence? Ed.