Get out and about with a Sholley®  Trolley

Get out and about with a Sholley®  Trolley

Spring is almost sprung. So it is time to get out and about, whether that’s out walking, a trip to your favourite garden or a trip to the local high street.

sholleyAt Sholley we know a shopping trip is more than just a chance to restock the cupboard.  It’s about getting out, a chance to chat with friends and acquaintances and meet a friend for coffee.  The Sholley is designed to help you make that a lot simpler.  The official Sholley is part shopping trolley and part walking aid, with its unique Sholeco frame hidden inside the bag so that it folds flat.

You can stock up, drop in to your favourite cafe and gently push your shopping home in your roomy Sholley, perhaps pausing on the way to enjoy the sun.

The British made Sholley has sold over 500,000 worldwide.  Our recent redesign makes it the strongest, lightest, most stylish, stable and ‘easiest to walk with’ shopper ever. It even comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee.

Ask anyone you know who owns a Sholley: ‘Are they pleased with it?’ ‘Would they buy a Sholley again?’ In our experience, the answer is always an emphatic YES. In fact, many people swear by their Sholley because it really is so much better quality. That’s why we receive so many recommendations.

The Sholley® makes Shopping Fun Again

The Sholley will change your life forever, making shopping fun again and keeping you independent. As one of our customers put it: “It has turned a wearisome chore into a joy”.  It is that easy to handle.

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