Gardening tip of the week

Gardening tip of the week

This might be your last chance to mow the lawn – set the blade height quite high and tidy up your green carpet ready for the winter. You can also repair and re-cut edges. This makes such a tremendous difference – you will enjoy the effect when you view it from the comfort of your home during the coldest months.

The only thing you will need to do to your lawn over the winter is to rake off leaves. They make the very best leafmould so don’t throw them away! All leaves and even conifer needles will compost down – but some take longer than others.

Oak, beech, ash and hornbeam break down easily but thicker leaves such as sycamore, chestnut and walnut benefit from shredding before adding to the pile. Evergreen leaves including holly and laurel can also be shredded and added to the general compost heap.

Use leafmould made from pine needles on ericaceous plants including rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, Pieris and blueberries as pine produces acidic leafmould.

Tip provided by Perfect Plants Ltd: The online garden store: Deliveries available across the whole of the UK including Highlands & Islands.