Are you or a loved one missing out?

Are you or a loved one missing out?

Some people think the benefits system is too complicated, the forms are too long, or they won’t be eligible for any help. Does this apply to you? You may be surprised by what you can claim. Have a look at Independent Age’s list of sources of financial support or see if any of the following myths are stopping you from applying:

“I’ll only get a couple of pounds more by claiming Guarantee Pension Credit so it’s not worth the hassle”

It’s worth claiming even a small amount of Guarantee Pension Credit because it unlocks other benefits that can mean more than £200 extra each week. You may get help with your rent and Council Tax, for example. Find out more

‘I’m not eligible for financial support because I have a decent income already’ 

A number of sources of financial support don’t take your income into account. For instance, you could be eligible for Attendance Allowance if you need assistance with personal care such as washing, dressing or eating, or help to keep you safe. And Winter Fuel Payment is provided to anyone born before 6 January 1953, regardless of income. Find out more

‘I’m under 65 so there’s no point me looking at benefits yet’

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit for people under 65 with a long-term illness or disability who need help with daily activities or getting around. Once you turn 65, you can carry on getting PIP for as long as you’re eligible, but you can only apply for it when you are under 65. Find out more

‘I already claim Attendance Allowance and Guarantee Pension Credit so there’s no help left for me’

You may be eligible for a one-off grant, loan or other type of help from your council or the Social Fund if you’re living on a low income and you are hit by an unplanned expense such as a broken down washing machine, home repairs or a funeral. Even if you can’t claim anything from your local council, there may be a charity that can help. Find out more

Independent Age have pulled together a list of benefits and entitlements that many pensioners may be eligible to claim. Why not take a quick look and see if you or your loved ones should apply?