Dreaming of a happy retirement by the sea?

Dreaming of a happy retirement by the sea?

Exeter and Taunton Relate are calling on baby boomer couples to undertake a relationship check up to enjoy their retirement and later life together.

Manager Rebecca Wellaway says “ We are seeing an increase in couples from their mid -fifties upwards who have decided to move to the coast in North and East Devon and West Somerset for their retirement and have found the move difficult to cope with at this time of life”

Often, couples who have been visiting these areas for their summer holidays decide to move here permanently when they finish work. They found the area so relaxed and beautiful that they move here full time. This often means that they leave family and friends behind for an exciting new chapter together.

During a long cold winter this means they can feel isolated and only have one another for company. It is very different from the two weeks spent on the beaches.

One of the partners might miss their children, grandchildren, friends and ex colleagues more than the other and begin to question the decision they made to move.

This difference in feelings can lead to increased rows and unhappiness and, increasingly, separation. There is a rising divorce rate for the over 60s group. This when they both imagined they would be enjoying a carefree time together.

As Rebecca says “ The dream of a happy retirement by the sea does not always live up to expectation for one of the partners. We urge people in this situation to come to RELATE before it’s too late.”

For further information go to www.relateexeteranddistrict.co.uk or phone 01392 275681

If you need help with your relationships

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