Dementia Care – Quick Connection Photo Phone

Dementia Care – Quick Connection Photo Phone

I took home the new Amplicomms telephone which is designed to assist people with conditions such as vision or hearing loss, reduced dexterity, dementia, Parkinson’s and other motor neuron disorders.

My husband has a small amount of hearing loss and can become confused and forgetful.   The simple phone is easy to see and has six interchangeable picture buttons to help make calling easier.  With the picture on the buttons you do not need to remember a number or even a name.

powertel2There is also a pre-programmable SOS button for emergencies and three direct dial buttons. The phone has hands free Speakerphone option too – vital for someone with dexterity problems

When we finally got to grips with linking this machine into our existing line so that we had a phone upstairs and down and working out how to insert the relevant pictures on the button we found it fairly straightforward.

It was just the initial setting up and installation that presented some problems and fairly heated discussions, but now it sits happily on the desk where he can answer and make calls with confidence.

It also has the added ability to increase the volume of the calls by up to 40dB making them 100 times louder than regular calls and, a ring tone as loud as a pneumatic drill at 90dB’s it will be difficult for calls to be missed! The phone has premium compatibility with T Coil Hearing Aids without causing interference. The flashing red light will also send a signal that a call is incoming.

I fell much happier now that if I am away from home he can answer and make calls with the minimum of fuss.


■ 6 large Changeable Photo buttons for direct dialing favorite numbers

■ Ideal for users with Dementia and other conditions

■ Dedicated SOS Button for use in an emergency

■ Bright visual LED ringer indicator for incoming calls

■ 3 programmable Direct Dial One Touch memory buttons

■ 10 Indirect Two Touch Memories

■ Premium Hearing Aid compatibility

■ Tone Control

■ Adjustable receiver volume including for increased level up to 40 dB

■ Adjustable ringer volume up to 90 dB

■ Hands free Speakerphone

■ Redial function

■ Mute button

■ Line Powered phone, no power supply needed

■ Big Button easy to use design

■ PABX Compatible


■ Dimensions (W x D x H): approx. 214 x 200 x 128 mm

■ Weight: approx. 681 g

RRP £54.99 Available: Tel: 0800 032 1301