Cruising myths exploded

Cruising myths exploded

For anyone who has not been on a cruise in the last few years your understanding of cruising is probably outdated.

Cruising is not just one of the fastest growing types of holiday; it is also the fastest changing.  Cruise operators have spent billions on building new liners to suit modern tastes, and worked hard to develop holidays that appeal to a large spectrum of people of all ages and tastes.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions and the facts:

Cruising is really expensive: Not true. Pick the right time of year and you could spend less than you think. There is plenty of choice and don’t forget that a cruise usually includes elements such as food, flights, entertainment, use of leisure facilities and excursions.  As well as free travel to other destinations.

I will be bored: There is no possible way you can find yourself bored on a cruise ship. Whether you go away to relax, explore or try new activities a cruise ship has something for everyone. With rock climbing walls, ice-skating, game shows, parades and much more, the schedule of activities onboard a cruise is endless.

I will get sea sick: There is an extremely slim chance you will get sea sick onboard a cruise ship as they are large vessels that have been built with modern stabilisers to reduce movement. If by any chance you to happen to feel sea sick, the onboard medical facility can offer you complimentary medication to help. To avoid any chance of becoming sea-sick choose a cabin in the middle of the ship, this will ensure maximum stability.

You do not get enough time in the ports: One of the main attractions of a cruise is the fascinating places to which you will travel. Cruise lines will allow certain amounts of time in port ensuring enough time for you to see a fair amount of each location. Ships will travel during the night so they arrive for a full day in port. To fully explore a destination you can add a pre or post hotel stay to your cruise allowing you maximum time in your favourite departure port. Certain cruise lines are now starting to offer overnight stays in many destinations too.

I will feel claustrophobic and see the same people all the time: I find it hard to believe anyone can feel claustrophobic on a cruise ship. They are so large and have many different venues onboard that they never feel crowded. With so much going on at the same time it is unlikely you will continuously bump into the same people especially on one of the larger ships.

I have to dress formally every night: Again, depending on what cruise line you choose the dress code may differ and some cruises are more formal than others. However, in general most cruises will have a couple of formal nights during your stay and the rest will be casual.

I will have to keep eating: This myth is one I hear time and time again and it is completely false. Yes, food is an important part of a cruise and there is a wide range of cuisine available to you most of the time, however it doesn’t mean it is shoved in your face! You can eat when you want and as much as you want.

I won’t be able to keep in touch with my office or problems at home: Not a problem. All ships have ship to shore telephones and now most cruise ship come fully wired with internet cafes, Wi-Fi hot spots and crystal clear mobile phone transmission. Just be wary of the cost and check before use.

And remember to enjoy every moment!

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