Tips for family holidays with a mix of generations

Tips for family holidays with a mix of generations

Going on holiday with the kids and the grandkids (and the great-grandkids, for some) might seem like a lovely idea. But in practice it can be difficult to keep everyone happy and entertained at all times. If you are the matriarch or patriarch of the family, it may fall upon your shoulders to ensure everything runs smoothly – so we have put together these helpful tips for multi-generation family holidaying.

Child-Friendly Local Food

Dinner table tantrums and ignored vegetables are a common gripe for families on holiday, and finding restaurants and cafes which serve family-friendly fare can be difficult in more exotic locations. Independent sites such as TripAdvisor can make it easier to discover the full range of dining options available at your destination with reviews from previous visitors and links to menus.

A little bit of forward planning can ensure everyone enjoys a wonderful meal out on holiday.

24 Hour Entertainment

If you’re travelling with kids aged 3-13, chances are they’ll need entertaining almost 24 hours a day. Whilst you and the rest of the family can try your best, there is only so much you can do to placate kids with seemingly-endless energy. Picking a holiday which provides entertainment throughout the day and into the evening can help you get a few hours of peace, whilst ensuring the kids have the best holiday possible.

Major cruise lines have increased their dedication to keeping their younger guests entertained over the past 20 years.

A spokesperson from specialist travel agent, Cruise1st, explained: “Cruise companies such as Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises have implemented clubs for kids during the day as well as babysitting services which continue into the early hours. This allows parents to enjoy a sophisticated evening out without having to worry about their children.”

Respect the Sun

When travelling to warmer climates – it is always important to ensure that sun screen is effectively and regularly applied to all members of the family. Children are often more prone to burning, so may require higher UV protection. This guide from Boots and WebMD can help clarify how to care for the skin of all members of the family, and offer guidance about how to treat any burns or feelings of discomfort in the sun.

Double up on Car Rentals

Picking a rental car model can be one of the difficult parts of holiday planning – trying to get the best deal on a car which comfortably accommodates the family and all pieces of luggage. Rather than picking one large six-seater, it may be preferable to opt for two smaller cars instead. This is perfect when members of the family want to spend the day in two different places, and it also gives drivers a chance to swap out of the car which is housing a marathon game of I-Spy when it all gets a bit too much.

Take the Guided Tour

Travelling to far-away lands can provide a great opportunity for children to expand their horizons and learn about new cultures. However, their attention may start to wander if they don’t understand or appreciate what they are seeing. An expert guide can help bring exotic places of interest to life – keeping the whole family captivated and enriching the experience.

Locate the Local Doctors

Young kids seem to be permanently picking up scrapes and bruises from carelessly playing/exploring/being naughty (delete as applicable). So it’s always prudent to research where the local hospitals and doctors’ clinics are located before travelling – so if the worst comes to pass, no time is wasted. The mediLexicon hospital directory makes it easier to find hospitals anywhere in the world. There’s a very small chance this information will ever be needed but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.