Cruise Holiday Health and Fitness Tips

Cruise Holiday Health and Fitness Tips

When you’re being carried from one paradise destination to the next aboard an all-inclusive floating smorgasbord of global cuisine, with room service food and drink just a phone call away, it can be easy to veer from the diet during a cruise holiday. The temptation of speciality restaurant smells and instant justification of “I’m on my holidays” can lead to your swimming costume feeling a little tighter upon your return than when you packed your bags a week or fortnight ago.

And the alternative of depriving yourself whilst you’re on your jollies is about as unappetising as the low-fat butties you’ve packed for embarkation, so surely there is a compromise meaning you don’t have to miss out on all the culinary treats and that your gross tonnage won’t be comparable to the ship when the trip is over.

Luckily, the fine folks at independent travel agent, Cruise1st, have come up with these handy tips to keep you fit and healthy whilst cruising atop the seas.

Hydration is Key

Between the all-inclusive bar, endless excitement and glorious sun; it is extremely easy to neglect to drink sufficient water during a cruise holiday. So make sure that staying topped up with water is constantly a part of the agenda of you and the rest of your travel party.

Be sure to check whether the local and in-cabin water supply is safe to drink before glugging down a few glassfuls. If not, make sure you stock up on plenty of bottled mineral water.

Remember the Buffet Will Still Be There Tomorrow

When presented with an all-inclusive buffet bringing together the four corners of the culinary world – it can be tempting to approach with all the grace and hesitance of the Tasmanian Devil, sucking every dish and last morsel into a greedy whirlwind. However, night-after-night of no-mercy grubbing is the surest way to come back with a food baby on deck.

Remember all the dishes of the buffet will be there every night of the cruise – so you can take your time, and slowly explore every food the main dining room has to offer. One night, Italian dishes and the next night, fillet steak with trimmings – rather than a mountain of all and sundry every night.

Choose Outside the All-Inclusive

Alternatively try and book yourself into any on-board restaurants available at extra cost a couple of times through the holiday. If you are expected to pay for every mouthful, you may be a little bit more careful when choosing what to eat. If the purse strings are tighter than the belt, a little bit more thought and care may be put into the menu selection.

Pick Walking Tours

There are a huge number of different excursion choices when pulling into a new port. From visiting the local sights aboard a bus to supping wine in the rolling vineyards, excursion options are hugely varied.

Rather than discarding any walking or cycling tours, plumping for these options could be a hugely rewarding experience – both in terms of health and cultural appreciation. The likes of Amsterdam, Venice and Barcelona are best explored on foot, giving you the chance to really soak up the local atmosphere.

And the On-Board Walking Routes

The supersized cruise ships which are entering the market at the moment are floating behemoths with a mammoth number of features and amenities spread across hundreds of feet of deck length. The upcoming Harmony of the Seas from Royal Caribbean is a staggering 1,187ft long – meaning there is plenty of space to stretch your legs.

Make sure you make the most of this massive size by walking everywhere (and with 16 different decks, you could rack up the number of staircases climbed in a single day). Without even realising it, you could clock up the miles walked every day – meaning you can justify that dessert tonight.

Hit the Gyms (and Adjoining Restaurants)

All of the major cruise ships have ample gymnasium offerings, giving passengers the chance to work out. Make sure you check the gym out early in the holiday, giving yourself the extra encouragement to work out at least a couple of times during the trip.

Additionally, if the gym has an adjoining restaurant, chances are the menu will be full of healthy options. So lunching here once or twice could be a great way to enjoy a delicious meal with a lower calorie count.

Swim During Dinner Seatings

When a large percentage of diners are sitting down for dinner, you may find the on-board swimming pools are strangely quiet. Take advantage of this with a peaceful plunge. Not only will you be able to get more uninterrupted lengths in the swimming pool, but you’ll also avoid the mad rush for fodder. Then head indoors for a truly well-earned evening meal.

All of these tips can be implemented throughout a cruise holiday, never coming at the expense of creating unforgettable memories on the ocean.