Celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli reveals hearing loss battle

Celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli reveals hearing loss battle

Watch our video where the celeb chef talks about his battle with age related hearing loss, touching upon how it affected his career, how he finally got the help he needed and how it has changed his life for the better

For years Jean-Christophe Novelli refused to seek help for his hearing loss, despite the affect it was having on his personal life and the potential damage it could have on his professional life.. It wasn’t until recently that the four time Michelin star recipient finally acknowledged he had a problem. Having been being tested and fitted with a hearing aid, he says his life has changed immeasurably for the better.

In an effort to remove the stigma attached to age related hearing loss and encourage people to look after their hearing health,  Jean-Christophe has joined with Specsavers Hearing Centres  to launch a new campaign, ‘Putting hearing loss on the menu’.

One in six people in the UK suffer from hearing loss, however the time taken from recognising hearing loss symptoms and seeking out treatment averages ten years[1].

As our population ages this number is set to grow, and by 2031 there will be more than 14.5 million people with hearing loss in the UK

Watch our video to hear Jean-Christophe’s story and advice on what to do if you suspect your hearing may not be what it used to.