Cakepoptastic! Lucy Rawlins tries to make her own

Cakepoptastic! Lucy Rawlins tries to make her own

Who would’ve ever thought that little balls of cake on a stick would become so popular! But they have, they are delicious, and they are ever so much fun to make!

Premier Housewares has brought out a fantastic silicone mould to be able to make your Cakepops perfectly every time.

The silicone is completely flexible and washable, and with the two parts joining together – fabulously making a cake-tight seal around each section – meaning there is no overspill. Each section has a small hole in the top so you can easily test whether the cakepops are cooked or not, without having to lift the lid and potentially make a mess.

I admit it took me a couple of attempts to get it right – you need the right amount of mix to ensure the expansion of the mix fits into the mould, but after that, you really are  away!

Cleaning the mould afterwards is simple – as you grease the mould before cooking, the cakepops pop right out and leave very little mess. So a wash and a wipe over to ensure no residue, and off you go again!

The sets come complete with little instructions, the moulds, and sticks for decorating!

Premier Housewares collection comes in various different sizes, shapes, colours and designs. I’ve also found that they are brilliant for not only cakepops, but using cookie dough instead, or even bread to make miniature rolls. Lovely!

So simple. Fantastic for an afternoon with the Grandkids on a rainy day.