Kong – the furniture saving, boredom busting, groom assisting rubber

Kong – the furniture saving, boredom busting, groom assisting rubber

The Kong Company pride themselves in the strength, durability and the fun of the Kong toys. They have a huge selection of different toys and accessories to choose from.

And they’ve not gone far wrong, says Lucy Rawlins.

From the soft rubber toys for puppies and seniors, to the treat dropping Kong Treat Dispenser for cats, to the hardiest of Kong’s – The Kong Extreme – ideal for the most destructive chewer.

Kong Zoomgroom

Being pet obsessed here in the MT office, we have looked at, and tested a range of toys for the selection of animals we have here.

For our short haired Jack Russell, we tested a rubber grooming tool. Its strong nodules are fantastic for removing loose hair, and giving a brilliant massage into his skin. It’s even better during bath time to push the shampoo around his fur, removing the dirt and giving his coat a fabulous shine when dry. We’ve also tested it on a on a longer haired German Shepherd (not quite as effective on the shine, but fantastic for assisting in the moulting process!) and also on horses, which they seemed to enjoy as well!

The cats tested an array of toys including the ‘Wubba’ – the most bizarre looking toy, with a catnip stuffed rubber Kong, and crinkly ‘tails’ – perfect for the cats to hone in on their stalking and hunting skills.

Kong Wubba

Also, the Treat Dispenser toy is especially designed for the indoor cat in mind. The fluffy tail is irresistible and the promise of a tasty morsel through play is fantastic. And for the human in mind, it is a simple screw-bottom for ease of use to clean, dry and insert more treats for the next day!

The best item I can honestly and whole-heartedly recommend is the Kong Extreme. With two large German Shepherds, one still a youngster, and very much into chewing, it’s a life(furniture)saver.  It’s bouncy, chewable, has a space inside for treats of all kinds, and is virtually indestructible. My dogs have enjoyed their Kongs for months and not a single tooth has penetrated it!

Kong have products for all dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. Their website is simple, and helpful, and they even have a guide to which Kong would be most suitable for your pet! Very highly recommended from all the MT pets!