Brits are young at heart – despite vices

Brits are young at heart – despite vices

Research reveals majority of Brits feel younger than their years

The UK might have a rapidly ageing population but half of all Brits (54%) feel younger than their actual age making us a nation of ‘Ever-youngs’, according to new research released today by Pukka, the organic herb specialist.

Baby boomers feel the most youthful with half of 45-54 year-olds (52%) and a whopping 64% of over-55s admitting they feel young inside. While two in five 25-34 year-olds (40%) agreed that they also felt younger than their years.

North-east dwellers feel the most young at heart (three in five) followed by those in the south-east (57%) and the north-west (57%).

Surprisingly, the Welsh are the oldest souls in the land with more than three in 10 feeling older than their age (32%) – three times more than north-east inhabitants (11%). Fellow Celtic nations Scotland and Northern Ireland also appear in the top five ‘Old at heart’ list.

Remarkably, the research also exposes a big difference between feeling youthful on the inside and leading healthy lifestyles, as Brits readily admit to succumbing to life’s guilty pleasures. Our biggest vice is chocolate (45%) followed by lack of exercise (37%), too much TV (27%) and alcohol (24%). Coffee rounds off the list on 23%.

Regardless, Brits are slowly waking up to balancing their daily vices with healthy alternatives such as green tea which saw sales rocket by 20% in 2013.  With its anti-ageing, energy boosting benefits, Pukka’s new whole leaf 100% organic green teas are full of antioxidant qualities to energise and revitalize from the inside out, helping drinkers come alive.

Sebastian Pole, co-founder of Pukka and expert herbalist, comments: “The old adage that you’re only as young as you feel really does ring true. These findings reveal what an eternally youthful bunch we Brits are, despite our many vices such as coffee.  Imagine just how much healthier and vibrant our inner selves would be if we replaced just one cup of coffee with one cup of revitalizing green tea.”