Beware of silly laws in Europe

Beware of silly laws in Europe

For those of you planning a trip to Europe this summer we have found some interesting laws that you must be wary of. We take no responsibility for the authenticity of the information, but for your own safely  you should be aware.


When visiting Switzerland, you’d better make a dash for the toilet at 9.55pm, because if you use the toilets after 10pm you must not flush. And for the men, no standing up after 10pm to urinate.

The Swiss take their Sundays very seriously. It’s forbidden to mow your lawn, wash your car and hang clothes on an outside line.


Italians take their macho men seriously. So much so, that if a man is caught wearing a skirt, he can be arrested. It is also illegal to punch someone, but slapping seems to be fine!


If you get pulled over by the police, make sure you don’t have any large knives, guns or ashtrays on you. Yes, an ashtray is considered to be a lethal weapon in France.  And if you do get pulled over don’t get your camera out as it is illegal to make photos of police officers or police vehicles, even if they are just in the background.

And if you listen to the radio be prepared, between 8am and 8pm, 70% of the music played must be by French artists.

So much for the city of love! It’s illegal to kiss on railways. Buses are probably okay, but better keep your lips to yourself just in case!


In an effort to curb online gaming in Greece, they just made a blanket ban on all electronic games, from online chess to Facebook games, however they have become more lenient recently.

And if you get bored without Candy Crush and fancy some dancing please remember you cannot dance naked at the Acropolis.


Heading out onto the Autobahn? Better make sure you don’t run out of petrol and this could incur a large fine or even imprisonment.


You must not try to sell a flag with something written or painted on it so be careful with your souvenirs

It is also now illegal to say that you wish it was sunny during those snowy months of the long winter.


And if all this has made you wary of travelling abroad just remember in the UK if you don’t like your hotel bed you are not permitted to hang it out of the window.

And if Morris dancing is your thing and you find yourself at the seaside remember that it’s illegal to “have sex under the pier while Morris Dancing”!

by Tina Foster