There is a Barbie doll on my Christmas list

There is a Barbie doll on my Christmas list

How many Barbie dolls will be bought and given this year?  I don’t suppose there are many households with daughters who have not given a home to a Barbie doll at some stage.

We have had numerous models over the 55 years she has been around, including Malibu Barbie, Superstar Barbie, Black Barbie and Happy Holiday Barbie.

She has had over a hundred careers and has run for President of the USA six times as Candidate Barbie. She has never married although she was with her long term boyfriend Ken, who is two years younger than her, until they split in 2010.

Now she is in her fifties I am waiting for Menopause Barbie to be released.

She should be wearing flatter shoes as she will soon have hip and foot problems if she has not got them already through constantly wearing high heels.

She made need more plastic surgery.

I hope she has built up a good pension pot from her 130 careers although her Malibu beach house and other properties must add to her portfolio.

When will she stop colouring her hair?

She needs to finds a close group of friends or a life partner, to avoid loneliness in old age.

And let’s hope she gets middle aged spread as we all know her strange body shape cannot support life.

by Charlotte Courthold


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