Austerity is over, because we say so!

Austerity is over, because we say so!

Following the election result, I’m afraid to say that the country as a whole have a bleak future.

Since the financial crisis in 2008/9, successive governments (and parties) have imposed self-defeating austerity measures. In effect, they have used it as an excuse to try and get rid of our welfare state.

The NHS is in the later stages of being privatised, and locally, public services are disappearing fast. The spending cuts are unjustified, but infortunately, large numbers of the public are accepting them. The media are largely to blame for this.

Now that the new government no longer have to work as a coalition, they will enforce further cuts (the majority of which are yet to come) with more aggression and confidence, yet at the same time allowing tens of billions of pounds a year to go uncollected in corporation tax.

Campaigning groups will now up our efforts, and in doing so, will send out a message that the majority of the public oppose these policies, and will simply no longer accept them.

Colin Crilly
Wandsworth Against Cuts