Another view on Food for Thought

Another view on Food for Thought

In the past I have not enjoyed what has been on offer when my family and I have had to stay in hospitals, appalling uninteresting no taste, ugh!

I have watched with interest James Martin changing the attitude of the cooks and staff who produce fantastic meals from negotiating with the local farmers and vegetable producers.

The NHS belongs to us and we are appalled that some hospitals will not join this scheme. No hospital should be able to opt out of James Martin’s system. We cannot afford to waste money and food; waste is not akin to us older generation who have had to scrimp and save to feed families.

Wales was using imports of lamb, but by asking the local farmers they have come to a price agreement. Home grown fresh produce are far better than the cook and chill food which will happen.

Hospital food in Spain, where my friend has lived for 30 years, is fantastic; fresh, tasty and interesting. I rest our comments.

William and Betty by email