A letter from A. Essex – Loneliness

A letter from A. Essex – Loneliness

The problem with our society is the need for a second income that has left elderly people feeling lonely. So many people have to work so that whole residential areas are left empty during the day. If the Government improved the Married Woman’s Allowance and controlled the cost of mortgages then more people would be able to stay at home and create a community.

Local Councils have also suffered by having their budgets cut every year for many years so there is no money to maintain local buildings such as those that formerly housed adult classes and libraries. Many of these have been closed and sold off or the library hours reduced. These were the places that retired people and stay at home parents could meet and make friends.

Since retiring ten years ago I have found the local library a very important point of contact.

Local community groups of all kinds have been able to advertise their events there.

If the Government wants to reduce loneliness then they have got to do something about encouraging mothers to be able to stay at home and look after their families and also for retired people who now have to provide accommodation for grown up children who are unable to afford a property of their own.

Mrs A. Essex, Bristol