7 top tips to successfully find and buy your dream French home

7 top tips to successfully find and buy your dream French home

The decision has been made; you are finally making that move to France to join the other 170,000 ex-pats who have already discovered the secret to not only living their dream, but doing so in their dream home.

As the world’s most popular tourist destination, France welcomes over 85 million visitors each year, so it’s no wonder that you have chosen to live surrounded by its beautiful, diverse landscapes, famed cuisine and laid back lifestyle.  But before you buy your new French retreat, you must first find it, a task that you should take time over and, most importantly, enjoy! Here are our 7 tips to finding and buying your dream French home.

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Deciding where to live is easier for some than others; we advise that you always do your research on your preferred area, using the internet, reading articles and ultimately following your heart. Once you know the location, find a suitable property becomes a much easier affair.


Unlike the predictable housing options in the UK you will be spoilt by a wealth of different properties available in France; forget about semi-detached and bungalows, in France you have character homes, farm houses, properties with gites and or B&B’s, maison de maitres and chateaux. We have an extensive choice with just under 5,000 properties listed on our website.

How Much?

Your budget is as important as the home you are buying; try to always be realistic about your requirements and expectations.  Of course you can always make the seller an offer, but put together a list of definite and potential costs before you take this step. You’ll probably need to start to think about what you hard earned £ can buy you in euros, contact us to discuss your options and best way to get the best rate of exchange.

Search & View

Searching with My-French-House allows you to search by your preferred region, or even by your favourite property type, from countryside homes to modern villas.  Once you have narrowed down your selection we have English speaking partners throughout France who can show you around your potential new home.  By organising and scheduling your viewings efficiently, you can save precious time and money.

Ask the Right Questions

Just like buying a home in the UK you need to ask the right questions; however, it’s easy in the sunshine, amongst the picturesque views, to get swept away with France’s charm and forget about the important basics that you really need to know.  Essential questions include the property’s boundaries, local amenities and taxes. Since 2004, we have assisted 100’s of families find and buy their dream home in France, we are help to help!

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The Buying Process

Submitting offers and carrying out negotiations can be done by you; however, our expert partners are more than happy to assist you in securing your dream home.  Signing contracts, paying deposits, opening a bank account and picking up the keys is daunting to some, which is why we offer such dedicated assistance throughout the whole process

Enjoy la Belle France!

Once you are settled in to your new French home you will continue to discover the daily delights that will enhance your new life, such as pension benefits, an excellent healthcare system, fantastic food and wines, better weather, active outdoor living and all those friends and relatives who will come to visit you.

So what are you waiting for? Guides, advice and your new French home are awaiting you at www.my-french-house.com