5 benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses

5 benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses

Sunglasses are very much an essential accessory. Not only are they stylish, but they can be of great assistance if you already wear glasses or contact lenses, so why not invest in prescription sunglasses today.

Are prescription sunglasses worth it?

Whether you’re reading a book on the beach, going on a hike, sipping a drink in the garden, or driving to the supermarket, prescription sunglasses can help enhance all of these experiences, making them more comfortable, safe and practical. We’re going to take a look at some of the biggest benefits of investing in prescription sunglasses.

1.Increased safety

Have you ever thought about how sunglasses can prevent road accidents? The Department for Transport revealed some of the contributory factors in reported road accidents, which feature “dazzling sunlight” as a factor in 2,324 accidents in 2017 – and a factor in 25 fatal accidents. You should think of eyewear as important as appropriate shoes. If you require glasses, you, of course, can’t drive without those. This is where prescription sunglasses can be of assistance, helping you to see the road clearly, regardless of the driving conditions.

2. Health benefits

If you are someone who wears glasses you shouldn’t have to choose between having clear vision or protecting your eyes and face from dangerous radiation from the sun. By adding your prescription to a stylish pair of sunglasses you will not only prevent your eyes straining, but will also protect them from UV rays which can contribute to developing cataracts and skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma.

3.More comfortable

Prescription sunglasses are undoubtedly more comfortable for everyone, but especially a glasses-wearer. Reduced squinting, eyestrain, further eyesight complications and let’s not forget, they are fit to your face shape, are all some of the comfortable benefits to getting yourself a pair of prescription sunglasses.

4.Gives you a break from contact lenses

Contact lenses do have a place, but they also come with their own cons, including an increased chance of getting an infection or causing eye irritation. It’s important to maintain good eye health, so if you want to give your eyes a break from contacts for the day, prescription sunglasses are a stylish, convenient alternative.

5.Choice of styles

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing your favourite sunglasses brands; you can have it all. Prescription sunglasses have come a long way and your favourite styles and top brands can be fitted with lenses that offer your prescription. This means you can find the perfect style to suit you without having to sacrifice any of the benefits.

It’s important to note that sunglasses should be a year-round accessory, even in the winter months (we all know what that winter sun can do when you’re behind the wheel). So if the price of prescription sunglasses is a concern, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get good use from them. And then when it comes to updating the prescription in your standard glasses, all you will need to update the lenses in your sunglasses without having to get new frames altogether.