The Woman Who stole my Life By Marian Keyes

The Woman Who stole my Life By Marian Keyes

This new book by the bestselling author is published by Penguin on 6th November and is a must for all her fans and hopefully to introduce new devotees.

The Woman Who stole my Life coverI devoured this book in almost one go  and felt satisfied at the end.  It is probably not her best but certainly does not disappoint. The characters were a mixture of wholly believable, and unconvincing.  The son Jeffrey was well drawn and I have had a teenage son I know she was spot on.  The main romantic interest, Mannix, just did not come to life for me, but Stella who narrates the story was real and sympathetic.  When she was in hospital unable to move or communicate – I ached for her.

However, after she recovered and fate gave her a new life I kept wondering why she had not been more affected by her previous trauma.  Looking back now perhaps she was and I did not notice; this could have been the cause of her insecurity.

If you like what is often, unfortunately,  classed as chick-lit, you will enjoy this book but be aware it is so much more than that.  Marian Keyes has taken the genre and made it engrossing, thoughtful and challenging.  She could become the Jane Austen of her day and deserves praise for making reality and family life so absorbing.

The book was a delight, and reading it a pleasure which will stay with me for a long time.  My involvement with the character of Stella is that of a close friend and well done to Marian for giving me this enjoyment.

Charlotte Courthold