Wheelchair versus pushchair?

As a pensioner I have a bus pass for which I am very grateful and I use it as much as possible. I do try to sit near the front so I can get off easily so I am grateful for the special seats for disabled or older people.

However, I often have to go further down the bus as these seats are taken up by mothers with babies in pushchairs and lots of shopping.  I know they have to take the babies and little ones shopping so I try not to complain.

I heard on the news that a man in a wheelchair has taken a bus company to court as he was not allowed on the bus as the wheel chair space was taken up by a pushchair.  The judge said that the disabled man should have priority and I think he is right.

Sometimes the mothers with pushchairs think they have the right to take all the space they want and forget about disabled people.  I hope that I never have to be in a wheelchair on a bus as I would not want to argue with anyone about the space.

Mrs Walker, Rhyl