Three cheers for the United Kingdom

Three cheers for the United Kingdom

Now the dust has settled from the referendum let’s celebrate the Union and focus of the positives of being together.  While there must be some disappointment in the independence supporters camp the slim majority of the unionist can now be joined by the rest of Britain in being proud of our nation.

Recent polls show that the Welsh nationalist have Support for Welsh independence has fallen to its lowest recorded level in the wake of the Scottish referendum, according to a poll for BBC Wales.

The survey, carried out days after Scotland voted “No”, found 3% wanted to Wales to be independent.  But there was support for the idea of more powers being devolved to the Welsh Assembly, with 49% in favour.  However, the survey also found that 12% want to see the assembly abolished.

While there will always be groups claiming independence for their region, I feel the time is right to rejoice in our cultural similarities as well as the differences.   I can feel safe in drinking scotch again and wearing the tartan (not that I ever really did) and perhaps we can forgive Andy Murray enough to look forward to Wimbledon and not vote his mother out first on “Strictly”.

I can now admit to feeling vaguely slighted that the Scots did not want to share a country with us, but if I ever get the chance to visit the Highlands I shall relish the prospect.  I can again feel patriotic when I hear the bagpipes and sing Auld Lang Syne at Hogmany.  What would we have sung otherwise?!

Thank goodness we can watch the Ryder cup at Gleneagles and be allowed to dress the European team in a new tartan uniform without too much derision.

And, of course, we can appreciate Welsh Male Voice choirs and tolerate Tom Jones on The Voice.  We can have Welsh rarebit and lava bread.  Bring on the red dragon and let’s join in a rousing chorus of “Bread of Heaven”.

We can sing the Londonderry Air so that “Danny Boy” stirs the soul, and follow in the giant footsteps of Finn McCool while drinking Bushmills whiskey.

Now that we are truly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland lets be happy for our Great nation and our Queen and allow ourselves some Union Jack flag waving.  I am all for a big helping of British jingoism so let’s unite and be proud to be British.