Taking your dog on holiday?

Taking your dog on holiday?

Recent research revealed that a third of pet owners now take their animals on holiday with them. The rising costs of pet care including dog sitters and kennels as well as concerns over leaving them are the main reasons. Fiona Firth, Burns Pet Nutrition’s, Head Nutritionist is offering some tips to those holidaying with their dogs this summer.

First on the agenda, is where to go, there are so many dog friendly hotels and B&Bs to choose from! Make sure you research the finer details before you go:

Check additional charges – Be aware of differences in price. Some venues don’t charge extra for dogs, others might charge a supplement of £5, £10 or even £20 for extra room cleaning. This can also vary in terms of per dog/per night or for the entire length of stay.

Do they accept multiple dog companions? – Different accommodation conditions may vary. Some places only accept one dog, others only two. Check when booking, if you have more than two this may be trickier.

Think about Location – Is the hotel or B&B near a main road? Does it have a fenced, secure garden or exercise area? And is there somewhere nearby that you can take your dog to exercise? A ground floor room may be more suitable as it means getting your dog out to the toilet at night is much easier.

Be aware of extra conditions – Many places may have extra ‘rules’ to protect your dog, you and other guests. I stayed in accommodation in the Scottish Borders which insisted our dog was treated for ticks before staying as he would be exercising in nearby fields where deer often grazed.

Bring a doggy towel – Although hotels and B&Bs will have towels available for guests it might be an idea to bring your own for your pet. Your old towels will come in handy if you need to rub down a muddy dog before it goes indoors!

Be mindful whilst playing with your dog on holiday. Particularly if you’re lucky and the weather is nice!

Walks in the sun

Leisurely strolls on the beach are a real holiday highlight. During a holiday, you might enjoy treating your dog to longer walks. If it is a sunny day, it is not advisable to go for walks between 11am – 4pm, when the heat is at its peak. This decreases the chance of your dog suffering from heat stroke.

Plenty of water

Keeping your dog hydrated during your summer holiday is essential to its health and wellbeing. When taking long walks and playing games in the sun, it is especially important to ensure water is regularly available. Be aware how your dog’s breed and weight may make them more prone to over – heating.  Overweight, older dogs and those suffering from heart disease are more likely to be affected.

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