Successful dating and how to improve your chances

Successful dating and how to improve your chances

In the immortal words of Brian Fantana in the movie Anchorman, “Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.” While the character is referring to the alluring qualities of his dubious cologne, he hones in on an interesting point; a sixty percent success rate is clearly not the same thing as one hundred percent, but it’s still a significant amount — especially when it comes to dating women.

If a real-life product existed that could guarantee a sixty percent success rate in relationships, people would be clamoring for it.

Manj Weerasekera HRAccording to Manj Weerasekera, The Fresh Start Guy, when finding love seems like a distant dream, we can take some comfort in using statistics to gauge our progress in the search for “the one.”

For example, only about one out of ten dates go well. And it’s not unusual to get only two or three replies to the twenty plus messages you send out on your chosen online dating service.

So how can we improve our chances of success and get the statistics on our side?

Studies suggest that we each have a preferred sensory ‘modality’, which determines how we process and store information. Some people are more visual, whilst others are more kinesthetic (lead with their feelings). The other senses are auditory (what we hear), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste). We use all of them, however we tend to lead with one; we’re just not consciously aware it. And this includes while we are dating.

Although the exact statistics vary, it appears that both the visual and kinesthetic senses are the most predominant. So the chances are most of the women will either prefer the way you look or the way you make them feel.

So which sense should you appeal to? Both! Making an effort over your appearance and making a woman feel good is a great combination.

So, statistically speaking, here are some more ways to up your chances of success in the dating world:

Expand your pool

The more women you meet, the more chances for success you have. For instance, try online dating, and meeting people outside your circle, to improve your odds.

Be choosy

Learn to choose your dates wisely. When you know what qualities are truly important to you, you can steer clear of dates that you know do not meet your criteria or are destined for failure.

Make a stunning first impression

Whether it’s online or in person, your first impression counts. Work to make sure you put your best foot forward every time; it mostly starts with what a woman sees, so appeal to her visual sense first and in the right way. Back this up by knowing how to make her feel great.

Be realistic

Sometimes you know automatically that a relationship simply isn’t going to work. Pay heed to your mind (and your heart!) if you get the signal that something is wrong. If you end things cordially and amicably, count it as a success!

Consider her expectations

Think ahead of time about what your date will expect of you in terms of your personality, demeanor, and appearance. Disappointment is a major relationship-killer, so be certain not to promise one thing and then do something entirely different.

Be honest

There is perhaps no quicker way to relationship success than being honest with yourself and honest with your date. Learn how to express yourself, fully and tactfully, so your date can get to know — and hopefully love — the real you.

Define success on your terms

Success means something different to everyone, so don’t let somebody else’s idea of success with women define your life. Fully consider your goals as you get back out into the dating world, and pick a measure for success that suits you best at this moment.

Remember a 100% success rate is dating is not realistic, but by following the advice above you can increase your chances and your dating ‘batting average’ – which in turn means you are more likely to find the woman of your dreams.