Stories of love, marriage and loss this Valentines Day

Stories of love, marriage and loss this Valentines Day

“I am old fashioned and I think you can only truly love one person in your life.” – Kathleen, 86

Valentine’s day has been here once again and so what better time to reflect on what it means to love someone, and to be loved.

LoveLived is a deeply personal look into the experience of love told through the stories of 14 Londoner’s all over the age of seventy. The project is a result of a collaboration between photographer Holly Wren, Bold Content Video and charity Contact the Elderly.

The stories share the experience of love in all its many variations. From the excitement of a new romance, to those small special moments which make up a marriage, to the heartbreak of losing someone you have spent your life with.

Chitra, 74 talks about how she had avoided love because she wanted to pursue a professional career. But when true love did cross her path it’s pull was irresistible. On meeting her future husband Ron, she says “He completely swept me off my feet, totally and completely I used to get ever so excited, I got jitters in my stomach and I thought that this was rather interesting”. While she lost Ron when he was only 58 she reflects that even though the loss was extremely painful that “I think it was worth it because we had a fantastic relationship and when I think of him I always smile”

Chitra Video:

Love Lived – Chitra from Bold Content on Vimeo.

Not all of the participants found life long love. Childhood hardship during the war meant that Joan, 81 was “very cautious as far as falling in love”. Consequently, she rejected the possibility of marriage when it when it was presented. However, as owner of a dating business Joan would help many other people to find their own love.

Love Lived – Joan from Bold Content on Vimeo.

Bold Content Video MD, Adam Neale points out that the deeper purpose of Love Lived is not just to reflect on the meaning of love. It is also to highlight the wisdom that older members of our society have to share after a lifetime of experience. Participants in the videos were referred to Adam and Holly by Contact the Elderly which seeks social isolation amongst older people by arranging regular in person contact.

If you would like to view Love Lived for yourself the exhibition will be held at Broadgate Towers, from January 10th to June 10th, entry is free to the public. The videos can be seen at