Still glowing strong

Still glowing strong

A pensioner reckons she has the oldest set of working Christmas fairy lights in Britain which are still glowing strong – after 45 YEARS.


Son Ross Shaddick admiring the lights in 1982

Chuffed Vina Shaddick, 60, bought the string of colourful illuminations for her tree from a branch of Woolworths in 1969.

It came with a spare set of bulbs and she’s only ever had to use one – and she reckons they are now the OLDEST Christmas lights in Britain.

Over the years Vina’s lights have shone for a total of three years or 1,200 days, 28,800 hours or nearly two MILLION minutes.

She said: “They’re still going strong.  I can still remember buying them. It was the second year I was married and I went in my lunchtime.

“Word had got round that Woolies had a special delivery of lights from Germany. They hold a lot of memories for me.”

by John Bett