Your stars for the week 19th – 26th December

Your stars for the week 19th – 26th December

Your competitive edge is being sharpened either by a rival for your affections or else a new business trying to knock spots off you. Either way I’m sure you’ll win in the end.

Domestic affairs consistently demand attention but at least the festive season brings in a little respite and time for you to spend relaxing and enjoying all that lovely food.

Avoid overdoing things as life looks like getting more stressful with so many parties to attend. Avoid arguing if you want peace to descend this Christmas.

The week ahead brings some kind nurturing people who understand how tough things have been for you. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the gift of loving and giving.

Nobody is as popular as you when it’s party time as you always are the glowing hub everyone wants to warm their hands on. Get ready for an especially romantic time.

You deserve to sit back and relax after all that Christmas shopping so you’ll be delighted to find the festive season brings many people offering a helping hand.

Deck the halls with lots of holly and light up the tree for a very special celebration with friends, family and loved ones gathering around to share the cosiness you have created.

The best gift from Santa is news that Saturn, that gloomy old man, is about to move out of your way and leave you feeling full of festive cheer. Enjoy.

Make the most of all the good will coming your way and savour times with those you love. Those sweet memories you create will help you further down the line in 2015.

Christmas time is always special for you due to the twin celebration of your birthday this time of year. Next week Santa brings a sparkling gift of love to surprise you with.

You are so very busy but could also be in danger of overdoing things so watch the blood pressure. An active time for you with many secret pleasures to enjoy.

Use all those seasonal party gatherings as precious networking and team building time to help you stay ahead in the promotion stakes.

Lunar Lore
Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Solstice to all you Pagans gathering at henges around the world on 22nd to help welcome in the winter solstice.