Looking back over 80 years

Were you born before television, photocopiers, computers, mobile and iPhones, washing machines, tumble dryers and ballpoint pens?

Another attribute to our society; we got married first, before living together, that’s one for the Guinness book of records!

A Big Mac was something placed upon your bed to keep you warm during the winter months. Made in Japan meant “junk”.

There were no such things as “disposable nappies”, or FM radio, tape recorders, and electric typewriters were non-existent.

However, “timeshare”  meant being together. Unfortunately, smoking was fashionable, but “grass” meant mowing the lawn. “A joint” meant roast lamb roast pork or roast beef for Sunday lunch, and “coke ” was something stored in the coal shed.

Toilets remained outside of the dwelling, and a large galvanised oblong boat looking object, was filled with hot water which was how we took a bath.In those days the recycling was carried out by the  “Rag and Bone man.”

I often wonder however did we manage through those years?

by Dale Quentin