Your stars for the week 18th – 25 March 2016

Your stars for the week 18th – 25 March 2016

An eventful time ahead marking a major transformational cycle of events in relationship, domestic and lifestyle areas of your fate and fortune.

Some happy times to enjoy but take care not to spend money in large amounts which may see you drive up debts on your credit cards.

Some worries to overcome, but with some serene if surreal situations to enjoy at work and home, you are assured of rising above the tide of woes.

A little bit of anguish over a decision connected to domestic life. Take a deep breath and count those pennies to see if you can afford the necessary changes.

Wealth is usually in good supply but you might find the new venture capital needed for innovating that personal enterprise, needs a little more care before risking too much.

A rough ride but with some positive results, as long as you keep hold of the steering wheel, though this may prove a little tricky. Take care of valuables.

Sometimes the spark dies out but this challenges us to look again at what our priorities are. You win or lose but taking part gives memories to treasure.

Don’t rely on good luck or your mesmerising charisma to get you through a financial dark hole. Money needs careful handling if loss is to be avoided.

You have everything to gain as well as little to lose, but do keep up a tactful approach if you don’t want to upset anyone who might otherwise aid your ambitions.

Some happy events at work keep you upbeat. Get ready to join the team or partner up with someone who may have your best interests at heart.

The equinox on 20th sees you taking on a more authoritative role in family affairs, while the eclipse on 23rd tells you to take care not to lose respect.

Take care of health with some stresses and strains causing you to be more confrontational than usual. Balance hard work with lots of relaxation.