Your stars for the week 11th – 18th December 2015

Your stars for the week 11th – 18th December 2015

Relationships continue to bring many ups and downs but be proactive in establishing a way forward to agree upon and try settling into a nice homely routine to share.

A new line of work takes time and energy and an unusual outing brings a special glow to your cheeks, with people offering friendship and caring to help you feel warm.

A wonderful time for family gatherings keeping you convivial and feeling fulfilled. Don’t overdo partying but do put those amazing creative skills into decorating the halls.

Times are challenging and you may need to change your plans but if you act spontaneously you’ll find people more open, with invites to share the fun of a festive time.

Your talent for getting everyone together to share the fun of the season helps you feel life is worthwhile. Avoid over-eating and drinking to prevent indigestion.

Plan a special outing for entertainment and delegate cleaning cooking and decorating the tree to others. Leave yourself free to just sit and soak up the good will.

A few new outfits help you feel smartly on trend with everyone noticing your sparkle, including a few folk who whisk you for a kiss under the mistletoe.

Yes, red berries are attractive but poisonous, and holly prickles, so beware and bring on your best behaviour if you want that certain someone to stay by your side.

You have the Midas touch and light up everything around you. You can be very charming and a good host, it will take little effort impress all with your generosity.

The planets line up to help make you sparkle so get ready with a new outfit and buy some special good cheer. Start unwinding now to make the most of a merry time ahead.

Try a little tenderness with someone who keeps looking your way at work and who knows where it will lead? It’s a great time for good working relationships and a little love.

You grow ever ready to share stories and memories of times past and present while meetings in the week ahead also help you plan for a better future.