Sistema Microwave Range

Sistema Microwave Range

Lucy Rawlins, our Product Reviewer, tested three products from the range – Large Plate, Deep steamer and the Micromug.

The whole set is brilliant. In a bright red colour, you can’t lose them in the cupboard and forget they are there; the size of them are perfect – the large plate fitting a man-sized dinner on, the steamer fitting four persons worth of vegetables and the mug – a whole tin of soup. The clips around the lid keep the lid firmly on, and whether warming or freezing, keeping the food inside.

That’s the other brilliant thing about these pots. They not only store food and cook food, they’re freezable too. Highly recommended for those not wanting to cook every night, or those eating alone, it’s a simple solution to take the food straight from the freezer, into the microwave, and straight to the table to eat from.

When heated, the pots themselves get quite hot –  but they all have clever little handles on which cool extremely rapidly for safety. I haven’t yet managed to burn my fingers, and I’m the worlds worst at forgetting my tea towel or oven mitt! They also have fantastic little buttons on the lid, which when popped open, leave a little gap for steam to escape from. This enables the food to cook thoroughly, without the potential for explosions in your microwave.

The steamer also doubles up as a large storage pot. I’ve used it for storing cakes, freezing leftover casserole, and huge salads, as well as a steamer. It has a removable colander section which you simply place your veg into (or anything else you want to steam) with a tad of water at the bottom and away you go. Perfectly steamed vegetables every time!