Simple ways to adapt your home 

Simple ways to adapt your home 

If you or someone living in your home is experiencing difficulty with everyday tasks, it might be time to consider making some simple changes to adapt your home.

Even if it’s not an absolute necessity, it’s worth considering how you can plan ahead and ‘future-proof’ your home – leaving you to enjoy the freedom and comfort that living independently brings.

bedrailUpgrade your bed

A sturdy handrail is a cost effective and easy way to give you a helping hand when getting in and out of bed. Complete with handy storage perfect for books or remotes, a bedrail slides conveniently underneath your mattress and straps in place with no need for tools.

Use easy to reach storage

It seems obvious, but if you find yourself constantly reaching into awkward places to get the things you need, it’s time to consider investing in some easy to reach storage. Make better use of drawers that are low down to store the essentials, leaving cupboards to store the things that you are less likely to need on a daily basis.

Rearrange your furniture

Moving around your own home should be easy. If you find yourself having to navigate furniture just to get to another room, it might be time to consider making some changing to the layout of your rooms.

Before committing to any major changes to your home, it’s worth starting with the basics.

Avoid trip hazards such as thick rugs or small tables, and rearrange furniture to ensure that there are clear paths between rooms to make moving around as easy as possible.

bathchairMake bathrooms easier to use

As you get older, the joys of bathing can be taken away if getting in and out of the bath or shower becomes too difficult.

This doesn’t mean that you have to give your bathroom a major overhaul or give up your evening baths. Something as simple as a shower stool or bath lift can give you the freedom to relax in an environment that is both safe and comfortable – something that everybody deserves no matter how old you are.


Install door-entry Intercom

If it is becoming difficult to get to the front door every time someone calls, there are a number of simple solutions to help make your life easier.

Consider installing a door-entry intercom or an easy-to-fit wireless doorbell, which includes an entry phone that you can keep near your chair. There are other options to allow friends, relative and care givers access without having to answer the door.

An outdoor key safe that can only be opened by someone who knows the code can be a good option, although you should investigate potential security and safety issues before getting one.

If you want to explore some options for adapting your home, Fenetic Wellbeing offer a range of household mobility solutions designed to make your life easier.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can make the biggest difference –  especially as according to research, 2.8m over-65s need to safety-proof homes for retirement.