Plan for the future with a home lift

Plan for the future with a home lift

Planning for the future means making considered and conscious decisions – now.

If one of your priorities is staying in your own home for as long as possible, then setting a plan in motion will ensure the most relaxing start possible to your retirement. And a stylish home lift could provide a great early opportunity to future-proof your home.

Domestic lifts are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK, and with good reason. When you compare a home lift to the outdated stairlift, they are quick, quiet, safe and attractive.

You can travel up with a companion or beloved pet. You can sit or stand. You are at the controls, so the lift only moves when you are ready and it is a smooth and stress-free ride. Beyond preferring the lift to the stairs, the lift is also incredibly useful for transporting heavy items such as luggage and laundry upstairs, or safely taking the grandchildren up with you, adding a extra element of fun to their visit.

Installing a home lift is straightforward and very quick – most lifts can be installed in as little as a day. The Stiltz Lift is self-supporting and uses dual rail technology so no extra weight is put on the home; this is unique for a domestic lift. In most cases, there will be no need for structural alterations to your home.

Its compact size also means that it can be installed almost anywhere in the home. It can travel from cupboard to cupboard making it completely invisible or you might decide to put your Stiltz Lift centre stage, particularly if you have chosen our Vista model. Once installed, your lift simply plugs straight into a standard wall socket and consumes less power than an electric kettle, making it very energy efficient.

The design of the lift compliments rather than detracts from your home’s interior design. It is contemporary, unobtrusive and stylish and you can choose from a range of lift car styles, sizes and door options. You can enter and leave the lift from the same side, or for the extra convenience of wheelchair users, the larger Stiltz Trio offers a two-door option giving allowing users to enter from one side and leave from the other thus avoiding the need to exit backwards.

The Stiltz Home Lift does not use hydraulics and offers greater reliability than a traditional stairlift. Stairlifts require regular maintenance and risk an expired battery pack which has been known to leave the user stranded. The domestic lift takes its power from the mains, and even if there is a power cut, the integrated back-up battery covers you to complete your journey.

Each of the Stiltz lifts – the Duo Home Lift and the Trio Home Lift (a wheelchair lift) – comes in a range of car models which include a clear polycarbonate body or a solid body. Both models include a sophisticated cream-painted exterior, half-height door, two remote controls, internal LED downlights and a full height light curtain, as standard. Other available options include a fold down seat, bespoke colour finishes, a full height door and an interior telephone.

Advanced safety features include a safety lid plug, key switch operation, top & bottom safety pans, hold-to-run controls, weight limit sensors, out of balance sensors, fall arrest mechanism, emergency stop button and over speed detection.