Senior moment

Senior moment

Before I forget…

Important information: this month will be the last issue of the year. We shall not be printing a December newspaper but will be back again in January. If you miss your Mature Times news, views and competitions you can subscribe to our free Newsletter and weekly bulletins which are sent out to you automatically if you sign up. Go to the homepage of and click on the newsletter link at the bottom of the page.

We have enjoyed a large postbag this month with lots of you responding to the article on the front page of September’s issue concerning access to the internet.

Many of you are wary of personal security and the recent hacking of TalkTalk customers’ private information shows that you are right to be cautious. If you are sensible and do not give your details to anyone unless you are absolutely certain they are legitimate, there should be no danger.

It does seem that many are thoughtless with what we put on social media and there have been cases recently when insurance companies have refused to pay out for burglaries after the homeowner has boasted on Facebook that they are away on holiday!

And we have all heard about the employee who was sacked after posting they had a terrible hangover after telling the boss that they had the ‘flu and could not come to work.

Another reminder that careless talk costs lives, or jobs, or friendships.

Sweet talk

By now we should have survived the Halloween knocks on the door and handed out the sweets that our health advisors frown upon.

As a child of the 50s chocolate and confectionary were a special treat and not something to be enjoyed every day. Science is proving that sugar is addictive and very damaging to health and of course, teeth. Jamie Oliver is off on another crusade to raise awareness of the harm that excess sugar is doing to our children.

I personally have serious concerns about the amount of sugar my grandchildren consume and I am sure I am not alone in this.

Remember the lonely
merry christmas Free for commercial use  No attribution required credit pixabay

With this being the last paper before Christmas may I take the opportunity to remind us all of the terrible scourge of loneliness that is an unwanted visitor during this time?

While some are quite happy to spend their days in isolation many find it hard to be alone when this should be a family time. It is no co-incidence that a penal punishment is solitary confinement.

We, as humans, are designed to be sociable and to interact with each other. As we move towards festive planning this year put more than turkey and tinsel on your lists. Remember to add neighbours to friends and family to share your hospitality.

Loneliness is not something we advertise so don’t just assume the people you meet in your everyday life have somewhere to go, or someone to be with. I may sound hackneyed but the question “what are you doing for Christmas?” may be an opportunity to spread the joy.