What does a second mean to you?

What does a second mean to you?

Does it mean missing the last post or running late and not getting the last train home?

For someone with arthritis those seconds are regularly missed and they can turn from minutes to hours in the struggle to get through the day.

Premier Care in Bathing have simulated what it would be like to live with arthritis – by challenging a set of twins to try an “arthritis suit” for a day.

To raise awareness of National Arthritis Week in 2014, we challenged Nick to wear an arthritis simulation suit, while his twin brother John carried out his daily duties as normal – to demonstrate how an able-bodied person copes when their mobility is taken away.

How would you cope?

To find out more click more at here www.premierbathrooms.co.uk/seconds-matter/.

For someone living with arthritis seconds turn to minutes, and minutes can turn to hours in the battle to get by in everyday life.So, we ask the question – what do seconds mean to you?

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